High quality manufacturer
Electronic manufacturing service provider, we provide a complete solution of design service.
Integrated design service
Not only manufacturing, but also providing complete solutions, including: product specification definition, wiring and circuit analysis, manufacturing design, procurement design, test design, assembly design and compliance certification with external laboratories (UL, IP67 and others).
Creative aggregation
As a product concept development, the feasibility and product requirements are determined through creative links, and the latest product concepts, business models and technologies are discussed.
Sketch design
Specify early design sketches for user experience, appearance and usability, so that the appearance and performance of products are as excellent as those of products.
According to the demand of products, relevant concepts are put forward and tailored. Focus on conceptual analysis and system feasibility study, and define the features and functions of products through the design concepts jointly created.
Modeling review
Modeling can check the feasibility and potential pitfalls of products, and testing in real environment can save time and cost. Therefore, before the product is molded, you will know about any high-risk components or components.
technological development
Research, purchase and invest in the latest technology, save the heavy work in research and development, and ensure one step ahead of the competition. Cross-industry technology is applied to products and technical solutions in all walks of life.