Independent research and development innovation
Joint laboratories and other cooperative R&D institutions, integrate superior resources, enhance research and development capabilities and innovation capabilities, and enhance core competitiveness.
Deep cultivation of technology and accumulation of industry
Adhere to the business philosophy of independent research and development, won the title of national high-tech enterprise, as well as independent software copyright and more than 300 patent certifications. Have a strong R&D team, focus on domestic outstanding professionals, have excellent technology and rich practical experience in the industry, and be able to carry out targeted R&D work according to the needs of the market and customers. The R&D team can provide customers with new products in the shortest time. At present, more than 100 kinds of product specifications have been developed.
Strict experiment, safe and reliable
The laboratory has a group of sophisticated scientific and technological talents in the industry and rich practical experience. Focus on new material analysis and verification, new technology application, product design verification, product reliability test, product acceptance test, quality assurance test, etc. To provide customers with products with assured quality, environmental protection, energy saving, safety and reliability.